Sunday, December 18, 2011

Missing home...

To my parents...
If i could have one more day back then...
I want to feel your youth and worries again. Even there are just silly fights I could know what you were thinking at that moment, even we were not talking I could understand your feelings behind the silence.
Dad, it doesn't matter if it would be one of those days you hurting me with words again because you don't like I am dreaming, I miss seeing your dedication and enthusiasm in work and ideals.
Mom, even you won't understand me and my uncommon interests again, I still want to stay near your side and listen your stories and worries of the day.
If is one of those hard day work on the field I wouldn't  mind because I would be able to hear in the background the voice of my family, those old stories of grandma, those gossip times which i can never have again. If you hurt me I won't cry as in that time, I promise. I won't cry...
I am away now. Everything changed. I wasn't having many spoiling moments before why you are giving them everytime to me now?  We never talked openly before, if you do now it won't have any meaning... they are empty words. I want you as before, when one open word time to time was priceless.  I want to feel your enthusiasm again not your regrets. I don't want receive your late support, please be as before. Because only like that I know my parents which I love unconditionally always.
Just one more moment as before ...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Song of the past / Canción del pasado

One song. Many years ago, same song. I was innocent, i was happy, i was feeling safe in an unextended world, i was only mom's and dad's girl going in the trip listening that song. I listen it now. I can still smell the air in the car in a summer day, i can still feel my pride to wear a new t-shirt, i can see the sun rays through the window, i can hear dad singing along with the song. I can still feel that priceless pure happiness in my heart. But most of all i can feel that "truth" i believed in and made it my base, it was safe, it was strong, it was my all.

Una canción. Hace muchos años, la misma canción. Estaba en mi inocencia, estaba feliz, me sentía segura en un mundo inextenso, sólo estaba una niña de mamá y de papá en un viaje escuchando esa canción. Lo escucho ahora. Todavía puedo oler el aire en el coche en un día de verano, todavía puedo sentir el orgullo de llevar una camiseta nueva, puedo ver los rayos del sol a través de la ventana, puedo oír a papá a cantar junto con la canción. Todavía puedo sentir esa pura y sin precio felicidad en mi corazón. Pero al meyor de todo puedo sentir esa "verdad" que yo creía en y lo hizo mi base, era seguro, era fuerte, era mi todo.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

When people hurt / Cuando gente lastima

When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.
― Chris Colfer (

Cuando la gente te lastima una y otra vez, piensa en ellos como papel de lija. Te pueden rascar y dañar un poco, pero al final, terminas pulido y ellos terminan inútil.
- Chris Colfer